After reading copious reviews online, unable to find a consensus. I took the plunge and purchased Lytro's Illum camera from Amazon UK who were the cheapest seller at the time.  

There are many reviews online detailing the specs of this camera, so I will focus on real world experience. 

The box arrived and I was very impressed with the packaging, an almost Apple-like experience during the unboxing and importantly comes with everything you could possibly need. USB cable, battery charger with another cable, lens hood and neck strap. 

The camera itself is weighty, and larger than I was expecting from pictures. The build quality is outstanding for a small manufacturer. Gunmetal paint and lots of soft touch rubber on the grip and zoom/ focus rings. There is a handy tutorial mode walking you through the basics at first power on.

The "live" photographs turned into videos and the adjustability of focus and depth of field are interesting and provide a great change of pace and style in a digital slideshow. The ability of the camera to focus at the front of the lens provides a great macro capability and opens up creative options to pull the focus, revealing the subject out of the background.  

All considered for the current price of around £450 I think the camera is a good purchase if you are interested in the creative options it opens up. I don't think judging this against a DSLR or mirrorless on picture quality is constructive as it isn't a replacement, just another tool to enhance the package you provide to customers.